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Songlines was collectively created by five First Nations Men serving prison sentences at the Queensland Correctional Centre at Gatton for NAIDOC day celebrations a few years ago.


‘Songlines’ was gifted to the Foundation by the artists for the express purpose of raising money for bereaved First Nations families and communities because they know how it feels to lose a loved one while in prison, having no money to attend to their grieving and being unable to attend a funeral.


The men collaborated, wanting to help support other brothers and sisters to attend and grieve and bring closure while serving their time.

Spirituality and Ancestors are a large part of Indigenous Culture, and grieving is an important part of First Nations People’s lives.

Meaning and understanding

‘Songlines’ is a study in one major work which shares totems and spirituality, joins hearts and minds and is sharing one dream to support community in Sorry Business and Grieving.

Discover the full story of ‘Songlines’ and the cultural backgrounds of the artists and the work here

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