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How you can help

In many cases, the challenges for successful long term transition and reintegration back into community are insurmountable for First Nations prisoners. We have spent significant time and resources in developing the relationships within the communities on both sides of the fence that allow us unique opportunity to assist in astutely meshing individuals to the training, mentoring, therapy and resources to achieve successful transition allowing sustainable reintegration.

Our relationship with  Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) and Industry partners allows us to engage men usefully while they are serving their time in courses that include education and training opportunities as well as Cultural education. These courses allow us to begin introducing men to prospective employers prior to release offering them goals to shoot for that are grounded in respectful relationships. We are also able to work alongside men with their parole requirements, based upon our existing quality relationships with the parole system.

Your donation helps finance every aspect of the work we perform. We receive no government funding to date. Your support provides us with the ability to achieve continuity in our service. We operate on a pro bono basis and whilst we are happy to do so, this offers significant challenges in what we need to do, especially in regard to items of infrastructure.

The Wayne Weaver Foundation is registered with the Australian Charities and Not–For-Profits Commission. In Queensland (CH3156). ABN: 71 621 645 930, Queensland (CH3156).

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