Own/invest for your workplace in a unique original cultural masterpiece.
Imagine this stunning painting gracing its new home in your workplace foyer or office.
It was collectively created by five First Nations Men serving prison sentences at the Queensland Correctional Centre at Gatton for NAIDOC day celebrations a few years ago.
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Personalise your Christmas cards and raise money

Getting this year’s Christmas Cards  printed and personalised will help fundraise for the Wayne Weaver Foundation

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Archie Roach Prints

Special numbered signed and catalogued prints of Wiradjuri Artist Robert Henderson’s 2014 Archibald Prize entry of the iconic Archie Roach are available for sale with proceeds going to both the Archie Roach Foundation and The Wayne Weaver Foundation. (Read more)

Our Mission

The aim and purpose of the Wayne Weaver Foundation is to support bereaved First Nations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) prisoners, their families and communities. (Read More)

A Message from Archie Roach

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Wayne’s Story

I guess it all started with the prison and getting people to their family funerals. I didn’t understand then that a funeral for Aboriginal people was a ceremony.

In those days (the early 1990’s), Corrective Services would make the decision as to who would be allowed out of prison to attend a family funeral. (read more)

When a loved one dies

In First Nations families, when a loved one dies it affects the whole wider community.

It is culturally important for those left behind to see their loved ones returned to the land of their birth … returned to Country.

Funeral ceremonies and funeral practices vary throughout the First Nations Peoples in different parts of Australia. (read more)